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Room introduction

Relaxing relaxing Japanese space

Japanese style room, Japanese + western style room that is calm and calm.Some rooms with hot springs are also available.In addition, the sum of the annex of the annex plus the Western style is a separate room, and the view from the balcony and the hot spring with guest room is superb.

Room list

  • 【Nichinan, Takachiho, Ibusuki, Kunisaki】Japanese-style room with tatami-matti comfort

    Japanese-style room(No bath type), Main Building 2 Floor 14 square meters to 18 square meters, Main building 1st floor 12.9 square meters

    Simple Japanese room.

    Please enjoy the scent of tatami mats full of hot spring inn atmosphere.
  • 【Kannawa, Aso, Ariake, Bungo】Main room 1st floor half-open-air bath

    Japanese-style room(Guestroom with Semi Open Air Bath), Main building 1st floor

    A Japanese-style room with a semi-open-air bath recommended for families and couples.
    Have a trip to smile
  • 【Kirishima】Japanese style room with semi open-air bath

    Main building 2nd floor Japanese Style(Guestroom with Semi Open Air Bath) 

    This is a Japanese-style room with a cypress semi-open-air bath.
    Spacious washing area is recommended for families!
    Sakura in spring Enjoy the spectacular view while watching the illuminations in winter.
  • 【City hall】Main room 2F Western-style room with a semi-open-air bath

    2019 summer debut
    Western-style room with semi-open-air bath"City hall"
    A large bed and a mix of Japanese and Western styles is new and nostalgic
    It makes me feel strange.
    Please enjoy "New Sakuratei".
  • 【Ogiyama】Japanese + Western-style with half outdoor bath

    Japanese-Western + Western-style room(Guestroom with Semi Open Air Bath), Main building 2F
  • 【Yufuin】Western-style twin room with sea view

    Western-style twin room(No bath type), Main building 2F
  • 【Special Room, Beppu】Japanese and Western special rooms with marble bath

    2 Japanese-style rooms + Western-style room (with bath) Main building 2nd floor
    A luxurious special room with twin beds, an 18-square-meter Japanese-style room, and a marble indoor bath.
  • 【Annex Japanese + Western Western Setsugekka】Rooms with hot springs

    Japanese + Western-style room (with room with inside bath) 2 double beds + 8 Japanese-style room with 8 square meters, away from the annexe Remote rooms overlooking various Mt Tsurumi Dake for each season. In honor of the beautiful four seasons of the landscape, in three of the rooms Yes named as Yukitake, Tsukimine, KazanThe bed is equipped with a Simmons CO., LTD. double bed and you can see the runner from the veranda and the bath. It is a next-generation sum + western style type that simultaneously produced luxury and comfort.※Smoking is prohibited in the room.Cigarettes on the terrace.
  • 【Annex building Rooms with hot springs】Japanese style room with hot spring

    Distance type Tenry type (The shape of the bath depends on the room)
    All rooms away from the annexe have hot springs.
    ※Guidance to the room, so that you can spend your free time
    We refrain from laying down futons.

【Guest room furniture】

Number of rooms

11 rooms in total:1 Western-style room/9 Japanese-style rooms/1 Japanese + Western style room

Standard room facilities

liquid crystal television(Digital, BS broadcasting), DVD player, refrigerator, pot, Air condition, Spinning dryer, humidifier, Air cleaner, safe

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Wireless LAN(With Wi-Fi)
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free(free Wi-Fi, no password)


Face towel/Toothbrush and toothpaste/bath towel/shampoo/rinse/Body soap/yukata/Hairdryer/Duvet/Shaving/Shower toilet/Shower cap/Cotton swab/brush

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)


Credit cards available locally

JCB / VISA / Master / American Express / UC / DC / Diners / Saison

Cashless payment available locally

Pay Pay can be used

Standard check-in time

Main building from 15:00/Annex from 16:00

Standard checkout time

Main building, Japanese-style room + Western-style room-12: 00/Annex Japanese-style room-10: 00

Supplement for amenity

We are also preparing the Kurukuru dryer for the observation bath on the second floor.